June 1, 2018
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Songs on this album

1.    Et løfte i fall

2.    Og ny skog bæres frem

3.    Fra dypet under stenen

4.    Hviler bekkenes sang

5.    Et blekt lys lyder

6.    Fra myrtemplet

7.    Den gamles stemme brister

8.    Allting får sin ende, også natten

About Myra

Ultimately, Myra is about life and death, about that which is and that which perishes. Art poetizes and co-creates our understanding of life and death, of the world, existence and the human being’s place among animals, plants, twigs, moss, fungi and mud. And in a time when the boundless sovereignty of the human being, the inevitability of progress and eternal growth without decay is the myth that increasingly steers humans from all corners of the world, it is up to artists to show the porous fundament of the myth, that the world is immensely more unfathomable than it appears at both first and second looks, that nothing lasts forever, but that everything gets its end, also the night. As Martin Heidegger says in the last track of the album: “Die Sterblichen sind die Menschen.” The mortals are the human beings.

Grandiose, beautiful, and absolutely wonderful!

- 10/10 -

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Hans-Jakob Jeremiassen: Bass 

Herman Otterlei: Guitar 

Gustav Jørgen Pedersen: Guitar, Piano, Glockenspiel

Erik Ørevik Aadland: Guitar 

Simon Ljung: Drums 

Simen Eifring:Trombone


Ole-Henrik Moe: Picoletto, Violin, Viola, Cello

KariRønnekleiv: Violin

Cathy Donnelly:Cello

Tore Ylvisaker:Synth

Ole Aleksander Halstensgård: Fx and Synth


Recorded inMalabar Studio, Oslo

Engineered byMartin Bowitz, Emil Nikolaisen, Jørgen Smådal Larsen

Mixed by Martin Bowitz and Jørgen Smådal Larsen

Mastered byMagnus Lindberg


The poem ”Myra”by Spurv/Julie Leding

The paintings”Monarch” and ”Sighting” by Christer Karlstad

Graphic designby Gaute Terjesson

Copyright Spurv 2018