May 11, 2015
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Songs on this album

1.    Passacaglia (fugler med ord i nebbet)

2.    Mellom broen og elven

3.    Lyden av løv som biter seg fast til sin egen kropp

4.    Hvorfor er det noe og ikke ingenting

About Skarntyde

If a stormy mountain, made of water from the sea was clad in brightly lit white flowers, it would sound like Skarntyde. You have never heard anything quite like Skarntyde, a four-track work which brings the listener into the depths of the world itself. Although based in instrumental, melodic rock the band draws upon influences from classical baroque, romantic and minimalistic music as much as noise and black metal. The sound is heavy and enormous, and brings you from the moist drops of morning dew till the bleakest hallways of your mind.


Skarntyde is not entertainment, it demands your prolonged attention and patience, because Spurv believes that music is more important than ever and that sincerity should be the measure of all great music. If Skarntyde is about anything, it is about life and death, about man and his relation to the world, about the fragility of nature in the face of destruction, and about the absolute nothingness upon which the abyss we call our world is constructed.

This is indeed a landmark in the cultural landscape of 2015 and a band to
follow closely in the years to come.

8,5/10 -

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Gustav Jørgen Pedersen: Guitar 

Hans-Jakob Jeremiassen: Bass 

Herman Otterlei: Guitar 

Karl Kristian Støtvig: Guitar 

Simon Ljung: Drums 

Synøve Knudsen: Violin 

Cathy Donnelly: Cello 

Drums recorded by Rolf Arne Strandjord 

Guitars, bass, additional percussion and strings recorded by Spurv 

Mixed by Rolf Arne Strandjord 

Mastered by Magnus Lindberg 

Skarntyde drawn by Linda K. Røed 

Music, arrangement and production by Spurv 

Layout and titles by Spurv and Julie Leding 

Copyright Spurv 2015